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Entertainment Farm Inc. (hereafter referred to as This Company) is fully aware that the privacy of visitors to this website is of the utmost importance. In order to safeguard this privacy we operate the following site management policy.

  1. Handling Personal Information
    When you send us an e-mail inquiry via this website, the personal information you send will enable us to deal with your inquiry promptly and efficiently.

  2. The Supply of Personal Information to a Third Party
    This Company does not supply personal information received from you to a third party. However, in accordance with the law, we are obliged to comply with any requests from judicial and government agencies to supply them with this information for legal purposes. In cases were we have no other choice but to furnish such a third party with your personal information, we will carry out an agreement with the said third party in order to ensure to the utmost that your personal details remain private.

  3. The Implementation of Security Measures for Personal Information
    This Company will undertake reasonable measures to protect your personal information from loss, falsification or unauthorized access.

  4. Amendment of Privacy Policy
    This policy and our internal company management of the safeguarding of personal information, may be amended without notice in line with legal and social changes.

  5. Disclosure of Privacy Policy
    This privacy policy and any future amended versions are publicly available for inspection through This Company website and other company publications.

  6. Cookies, SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) and Access Log
    Currently, This Company website does not use cookies or SSL. From now on, if a page is constructed using them, the page will carry a warning. Meanwhile, access to this website is recorded using an access log. This record is used for statistical analysis of website access information. The access log records the provider name of the person who has accessed the site, and also the domain name, the IP address and the access time, which are not necessarily specified as personal information, and furthermore this access log is not used to supply information to third parties.
>> Please be advised that This Company accepts no responsibility for the handling of personal information by the websites of other companies which have been accessed through links on This Company website.
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